CyberFlow Analytics FlowScape™

CyberFlow Analytics FlowScape™ is a Network Behavioral Analytics (NBA) for real-time anomaly detection at scale for securing Enterprise IT and the Internet of Things using Adversarial Analytics, Threat Intelligence and Advanced Visualization.
  • FlowScape uses Binocular Fusion Analytics with unsupervised machine learning to detect “unknown threats” in real-time

  • FlowScape is real-time streaming analytics, software-only (not an appliance), that runs on a small infrastructure, with highest TCO and any-cloud scalable

  • The FlowScape sensor only listens to network packet metadata (no DPI, no NetFlow) to machine learn normal behavior of ALL devices and ALL protocols (supports encrypted data and no PCI/HIPAA/Sensitive information is stored)

  • FlowScape unique visualization of the threat landscape displays a time trail of high risk anomaly behaviors across your network topology

  • Augments SIEMs/Splunk, FlowScape is a better strategy than User Behavioral Analytics (UBA) for detection of “unknown threats” (Network is source of truth)


FlowScape Solution Offerings

The FlowScape system is offered under a SaaS software subscription license. Initial systems include the FlowScape backend analytics system and one FlowScape sensor. Customers can purchase additional FlowScape sensor licenses to expand their monitoring footprint. Special site licenses are available for large enterprise deployments and discount programs are available for smart cities and universities. CyberFlow only sells software licenses, all hardware and virtualized infrastructure is provided by the customer or our channel partners.

The FlowScape software can be deployed with OVA files in your on-premise or private cloud VMware infrastructure. It can also be deployed in Amazon AWS in your public cloud infrastructure. FlowScape sensors connect to TAP/SPAN ports and can be installed as a virtual appliance or on bare metal. All FlowScape versions run on VMware Virtual Machines (VMs) and Docker Containers. The system is horizontally scalable and can be sized to monitor the egress point, core network distribution points for communication to your critical assets or IoT devices across your campus or data center networks. The system can also be deployed to monitor VPN access to/from your Amazon AWS VPC clouds.

CyberFlow licenses the following versions of FlowScape software:

  • FlowScape Enterprise Edition – Includes FlowScape system software for enterprises and industrial Internet of Things customers with large networks greater than 10,000 IP addresses.
  • FlowScape Advanced Edition – Designed for small to medium sized network deployments under 10,000 IPs and enables a very cost efficient use of infrastructure resources for big data streaming analytics.

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